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Life is full of challenges, and CMI Mobility, Inc. can ease the way for you by finding the right vehicle,
with the right options at the right price.

CMI Mobility understands that situations occur that can have a profound effect on not just one person but the entire family. We can help you navigate these obstacles with a variety of options. We can provide you with a full selection of wheelchair accessible vans and will stand behind our vehicles with assurance that they are of the highest quality. We take the time to be sure that your every need is our top priority.

When CMI founder Stewart Carlough was working as a high school teacher and researching his master’s thesis more than 30 years ago, he discovered a market niche for a wholesale business to import OEM parts for Porsche, Mercedes Benz and BMW automobiles into the U.S. from Germany. He established the CMI group in Phoenix in 1981 and soon left teaching to became a licensed Arizona automobile dealer and president of CMI in 1985. Within the year, CMI was handling the sale and delivery of hundreds of German luxury cars annually to customers in the U.S. and Canada. In the years following, CMI expanded into selling and exporting classic automobiles from the U.S. to customers in Europe and Asia. During that time, Carlough built a reputation, both at home and abroad, as an honest, dependable and professional automobile dealer who was familiar with both the intricacies of numerous automobile manufacturers and the technical aspects of working with state and federal government agencies. Throughout the years, Carlough continued to demonstrate the importance of providing outstanding and continued customer service.

Some time later, he was contacted by a well-known Phoenix attorney on behalf of his client who had become permanently disabled in an automobile accident and in need of a wheelchair van. And so this new phase of CMI began. Through research, Carlough became well versed in the advantages and disadvantages of rear entry, as opposed to side-entry mobility vans, and all the options available. He realized that there was a large demographic group that could benefit from his knowledge and CMI Mobility, Inc. was born.

If you are the kind of mobility buyer who appreciates the value of honesty, knowledge and professional service, CMI is here to assist you with your mobility needs. CMI Mobility, Inc. takes pride in offering customers cutting-edge wheelchair-accessible vehicles – by working with the best companies in the business to ensure optimal product quality and safety.
We looked at several mobility vehicles before selecting the Scion Xb by CMI. The quality and value of the conversion is way above the rest. Stewart Carlough went the extra mile for us by driving the Scion to San Diego and back to Phoenix to make sure it fit our sister's wheelchair. The next time we need a new mobility vehicle, I'll save a lot of time and money by going straight to Stewart.

Wayne F. H. Casa Grande, AZ

I purchased a handicap van from CMI Mobility Group and am very satisfied with it. The Van has allowed my wife to go places she could not before. The easy operation of the rear retractable Ramp is great for getting in and out. It's a great Van! Just what CMI Mobility Group promised.

Ben S. Tempe, AZ

We purchased a wheelchair accessible van from Stewart in 2009. He saved us a lot of money in the process. We found Stewart to be very professional in his approach to selling cars. He is honest, and will do whatever possible to get you into a vehicle that is right for you. We have recommended Stewart to everyone who asked us about our van and was interested in that type vehicle and will continue to do so in the future.

Cory & Laurel F. Gold Canyon, AZ

Stewart and CMI Mobility Group were my saving grace when buying a wheelchair accessible mobility van. My bank could not understand the value to loan ratio. They did not count the wheelchair modification in the value of the van, so they gave me trouble for over a week trying to get a loan.

Stewart found me a bank that understands these modifications and I had a loan in less than 24 hours. Stewart brought his demo-van to my home so we could see what we were getting and he helped me with the paperwork. He kept me informed and kept on top of manufacturer to get the manufacturer van to us as soon as possible. My daughter and I have had more fun in this Dodge Caravan than we could with the lift on the back of the car. I say if you need a wheelchair van, CMI Mobility Group and Stewart Carlough ar the way to go.

Lisa B. Mesa, AZ

Stewart is a breath of fresh air when you’re talking about Automobile sales people. He was diligent and honest and searched the entire country to find the vehicle that I needed. Dealing with Stewart is more like dealing with an old friend than a salesperson. Once the car was found, he worked furiously to make sure it was delivered as promised in a timely and complete fashion. Spotlessly clean with a full tank ready to go.

Ken V. Surprise, AZ

We purchased a new mobility van from Stewart Carlough and couldn’t be any happier with the deal. Stewart went out of his way to show us a new vehicle and made sure we had it done the way we wanted it. He worked with the manufacturer to make sure everything was done. And when we picked it up it was perfect. Stewart even purchased our old mobility van which made the whole process even smoother. It was a pleasure purchasing our new vehicle and I would recommend Stewart to anyone interested in buying a mobility conversion.
Thanks again,

Rick E. Phoenix, AZ

We met Stewart by phone in want ads. I had called M.S. Assoc. for a handicap van to buy, no one aswered but Stewart did! In 2 weeks I had a beautiful van with everything I needed I know can get out. He went out of his way to help us. It opened my world.
Thank you

Tom & Donna Queen Creek, AZ

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All CMI Mobility vehicles are American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, crash tested and approved as well as being California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified.